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Cambridge High School S Block

End Client:
Livingstone Building + Ministry of Education

The Cambridge school campus has undergone a significant transformation with the addition of the new S Block. This expansion aims to enhance the learning environment for students by providing 15 brand-new classrooms and increasing the overall capacity to accommodate more than 370 students.

S Block includes dedicated areas for various disciplines, fostering creativity and skill development. These spaces cater to music, art, media, digital technology, electronics, and career-related activities.

In recognition of diverse student needs, S Block also houses classrooms specifically designed for students who require extra learning support.

Terraform Concrete Construction played a crucial role in bringing this project to life. Responsibilities included pouring the foundations, including the bottom and upper slabs, creating the balcony, laying footpaths, and installing outdoor bench seats.

S Block represents a commitment to educational excellence and a brighter future for Cambridge School’s students.

Cambridge High School S Block

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