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Hamilton Christian School

End Client:
Fosters Construction + Hamilton Christrian School

Terraform Concrete Construction collaborated with Fosters Construction and Hamilton Christian School to create essential concrete infrastructure for a new park project at the school. Their work included several key elements:

Basketball Court: Terraform Concrete Construction poured the foundation for a basketball court, ensuring a solid surface for students to enjoy their games.

Cycle Track: They also constructed a cycle track, providing a safe and smooth path for cyclists within the park.

Footpaths: Terraform Concrete Construction laid down footpaths, connecting different areas of the park. These paths allow easy access for pedestrians and enhance the overall usability of the space.

Apron Around a New Building: The team extended the concrete apron around a newly constructed building. This apron serves as a transition area between the building and the surrounding grounds.

The new park was completed on time, just before the children returned to school after the summer break in early 2024. It’s wonderful to see how these concrete structures contribute to the school community’s enjoyment and well-being!

Hamilton school playground

Project Gallery

Terraform specialise in crafting robust and enduring concrete construction. Our expert team ensure each crucial stage of the process runs seamlessly. Get in touch today to discover the Terraform difference.

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