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Peake Mews Development

End Client:
Schick Civil Construction + Brian Perry Trust

Peake Mews, a multi-phase housing project located on the outskirts of Cambridge, is set to transform the local landscape. With a total of 47 homes, this development promises to provide comfortable living spaces for residents.

Terraform  Concrete Construction were engaged by both Schick Civil Construction and the Brian Perry Trust to handle essential infrastructure elements. Specifically, Terraform was responsible for laying the following:

  1. Driveways: Creating smooth and functional driveways for easy access to each home.
  2. Right of Ways: Establishing clear pathways and access routes within the development.
  3. Footpaths: Constructing pedestrian-friendly walkways for residents to navigate the community.

Peake Mews represents a collaborative effort to enhance the housing options in Cambridge, ensuring a vibrant and well-connected neighborhood.

Peake Mews Subdivision in Cambridge

Project Gallery

Terraform specialise in crafting robust and enduring concrete construction. Our expert team ensure each crucial stage of the process runs seamlessly. Get in touch today to discover the Terraform difference.

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